Dr. Nathan Aaron Burroughs                                           Research

Educational Policy
At present, I am studying achievement gaps in K-12 public education at higher levels of performance - the "Excellence Gap." In the past, I have examined the effects of property tax changes on the Indiana school corporation finances, public attitudes about K-12 education in the state of Indiana, the role of collective bargaining in public education, and the advantages and disadvantages of open enrollment school choice plans.

Political Science
My general area of interest is the interaction of individual behavior and political institutions in American elections. At the theoretical level, I am examining the effect that political institutions influence the level of egalitarianism in a political system. Specifically, I am interested in the influence that party organizations have on the candidate emergence process in congressional primaries. I am also working to develop a more complete model of congressional primary dynamics as well as the growing influence of activists groups in intraparty nomination contests.


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